The first gallery you come to as you enter the Museum is currently undergoing the first phase of a major redisplay, so there is less to see than usual, but watch out for our new Abbey Quarter displays which will open in February 2018.

Reading: People & Place explores Reading's long history, from the present day back to its origins as a Saxon settlement in the 6th century.

We are at work on this Gallery!

The current work on this gallery is part of our Reading Abbey Revealed project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. The majority of the gallery will be closed from 17 October 2017 until February 2018 to allow our brand new displays to be installed. You can see the work in progress from the Bayeux Tapestry Gallery.

Community case

This gallery also houses our community case for small-scale temporary displays from our collections or objects loaned by local groups. Please see our Museum Projects page if you belong to a group which would be interested in using the case.

So much to learn about the area. There is a reproduction of the Reading Abbey in its heyday and lots of artefacts to see and learn about.

Reading Museum visitor