1 May 2019

Hello all!

We’re trying something a bit different here at Reading Museum, so let me introduce myself.

I’m Kirstin, a soon-to-be BA Art graduate at the University of Reading. My work is about social media and its effect on how we interact with contemporary art. (Feel free to chat with me about it,  you can see my portfolio here by clicking here)

As a Digital Content volunteer with Reading Museum, I’ll be creating weekly tweets and blog posts centred around a specific theme. Currently, it’s ‘animals’ due to an upcoming exhibition in September on the same theme.

Each week, I’ll show you a selection of items in our collections and I will respond to them! The first selection will be published soon on ‘netsuke’ – it’s OK if you don’t know what they are, you can join me on my journey of discovery!

I’m super excited to start this series, and I hope together we can learn and appreciate the weird and wonderful of Reading Museum!

Keep track of my posts on social media with the #RMDiscoveries hashtag.