18 Apr 2017

Tags: Community

Hello, and welcome to Reading Museum's new website and blog! 

We hope you'll agree that it's cleaner, more streamlined and more useful.

It also looks pretty good.

The Museum exists to serve the residents of Reading and beyond, to inspire you with our town's history and to encourage a spirit of enquiry and learning. Our website will help you find the information you need, whether it's about the collections we hold on your behalf, our educational services or if you just need to know if we have a decent cafe (which we do).

Our friends and neighbours in the Town Hall also have their own new website, which remains the best venue for weddings, concerts, conferences and meetings in Reading.

You can follow the exciting developments in the Abbey Quarter on their own website, and track the revival of our ruins and how you will soon be able to enjoy them. Make sure to keep an eye on their blog for information on how things are going, events to attend and insights into Reading Abbey's history.

The Reading Museum blog

This blog is also a new venture for us as a museum and is something we are very excited about. We have a lot of stories to tell, a lot of history to explore and some beautiful objects to share. We are working on getting together a regular programme of posts and will be starting later in the summer - so watch this space!

We are proud to be Reading's museum and are itching to share the projects we work on with our town's communities. Their stories and voices will be very present on this blog as a showcase of our town's rich diversity and personality.

A significant feature of Reading's history and landscape is of course Reading Abbey, and we'll be exploring its history, your memories of the ruins and our ongoing conservation project. We'll be letting you know of any opportunities to get involved with the Abbey and our work as a museum on this blog too.

Reading also has a rich history full of vikings, kings, queens, poets and biscuits. We will be helping dispel the myth of Reading as new town by exposing the incredible stories that have made modern Reading. One of the best ways of exploring this history is through historic objects, and we are fortunate to have a collection of outstanding quality. We can't tell every single story behind our objects in this museum, and our blog is a chance to explore the hidden histories behind objects from Roman Silchester hoards, high Victorian art, contemporary sculptures, social history, medieval carvings and royal deer.

We hope you'll join us on our journey into Reading's history and our collections.