Reading Museum has created an exciting reminiscence service. Designed for older members of the community our Memory Boxes contain objects from the Museum collections that spark recollections.

We have over 40 Memory Boxes covering a range of themes including 1950s Home Life, A Night Out, Royalty, Holiday and Home Medicine. Original objects, photographs, documents, smells and sounds draw the user back in time and place. These boxes are a valuable resource for the local community in Reading. They are available to health and social services professionals for use with individuals or groups.

The response to the Memory Boxes has been very enthusiastic, generating a great deal of pleasure and discussion. The boxes are delivered in partnership with Reading Mobile Library Service.

Yearly membership is £80. This includes a place on the training course for one member of staff.

For more information or to join the service please contact us.

Memory boxes are a springboard for the opening up and unlocking of personal memories and histories of our clients...bring alive these memories in a safe way.

Activities Organiser at a Wokingham care home