A selection of the Museum’s Victorian paintings are displayed in the Victorian Gallery on the second floor. These are displayed as ‘open storage’ in this gallery rather than as a conventional exhibition.

This space also houses our popular Victorian Schoolroom. We run Victorian Schoolroom sessions for school children on weekdays throughout the year and family sessions during the school holidays and half terms -  meet a Victorian schoolteacher and re-learn the ‘3Rs’!  Please be aware that the gallery may not be fully accessible until 2.30pm during the week.

Gallery Highlights

  • Gelert by Charles Burton Barber, 1884
  • Other 19th century paintings from the Museum's founding art bequest from William Isaac Palmer of the Huntley & Palmers biscuit company
  • Our Victorian Schoolroom

I loved the Victorian school. Thank you Sir and strict Miss!

Reading Museum visitor, aged 8