Takeover Days 

If you are interested in taking part in our Takeover Day project please contact the learning team.

Every year Reading Museum works with local schools on some fabulous projects! Some of these projects have been based on Music, Reading Abbey or even conservation (for the scientists among you!)

In future years we will plan exciting projects both in 'real' life and in the virtual world. Our projects are always exciting opportunities for children to visit the museum and share their learning with others.

Example Time Line for a Summer Takeover:

Meet with Schools - January

Schools to visit Museums - February 

Museum visit to Schools - May 

Final Takeover Day - June 


Please contact the learning team to express interest in taking part in a school project with Reading Museum.


I have been inspired to develop the study and exploration of Reading and Reading Abbey with KS2 children

The Hill Primary School

Previous Projects


The Sounds of Reading Abbey

We asked two schools to test our newly developed downloadable Music Resources based on the History of Reading Abbey. Pupils from Geoffrey Field Junior School and Caversham Park Primary School earned their Arts Award Discover exploring 'The Sounds of Reading Abbey' scheme of work aimed at KS2.

They had a lot of fun meeting characters from the past in the form of our costumed interpreters, dancing Tudor dances, making soundscapes and creating their own rap songs about the monks who would have lived at Reading Abbey.

You can find out more about their project in 'Sounds of Reading Abbey: Takeover Day 2019'.


A Virtual Tour: Take Over Day 2018

Children from St John's took over the Museum in November 2018 to deliver a virtual tour of the Reading Abbey Ruins. With the opening of the Ruins in June 2018, we asked the students to create interpretation of the heritage site for a range of audiences.

They created tours, trails, maps and leaflets as well as a tour of the Ruins which was attended by the Mayor, Councilor Deb Edwards. The children delivered their virtual tour confidently, answering questions using their research to draw upon.

You can find out more about their project in 'A Virtual Tour: Takeover Day 2018'.