Schools Music Resource Project

Reading Museum is embarking on a project to create a downloadable music resource for schools. They are intended for use by non-music specialists exploring the history of the Abbey and Reading.

We are inviting schools to test our resources onsite in the ruins and Reading Museum as well as in school.

Please contact the learning team to express interest in taking part in this project.


We will test the resources in a range of locations with a range of year groups to achieve the following outcomes:


Resources are easy to use onsite and in school
Resources meet needs of the curriculum for a range of pupils
Resources are exciting and fun to use
Resources teach history through changes in music

We would like to finish the project on Takeover Day, in November, next year with a final performance by the school. Find out more about Takeover Day nationally.


One of our test schools will be selected to take part in our Takeover Day project. The performance should be developed by using the resources. The performance will last an hour, with the pupils giving a small presentation at the beginning, to demonstrate what they have learned about Reading Abbey throughout the course of the project.

Time Line

January – March (TBC) 2019: Teacher Inset, teacher input on desired resources.
April/May 2019: Trial session of resources by museum staff with visiting schools.
September 2019: Resource Published on Reading Museum website.
November 2019: Takeover Day performance.

Please contact the learning team to express interest in taking part in this project.


I have been inspired to develop the study and exploration of Reading and Reading Abbey with KS2 children

The Hill Primary School

Arts Award Opportunities

Reading Museum also offers Arts Award: Discover.

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Ways to earn your Arts Award:

Arts award can be earned through any schools project that Reading Museum host.

We take pupils through a series of activities and workshops that allow pupils to explore, record and respond to historical and contemporary methods of creating. These activities can include (but are not limited to): animation, drawing, photography, creative writing and music.


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