Royals in Reading: Outdoor session exploring local history

This session gives children the opportunity to explore history through direct experience outside in Reading’s newly conserved Abbey Ruins. They will discover how Reading was formed through the influence of significant figures such as Henry l, Henry Vlll and Elizabeth l. Learn how  their power struggle with the Church affected the lives of ordinary people in Reading. Through this interactive session children will work with and handle real medieval abbey artefacts, dress up in replica costume and take part in role play activities.

We recommend booking Royals in Reading in combination with our Bayeux Tapestry session.

The children enjoyed discussing artefacts and handling them.


(On entering the ruins) - Wow


Redlands Primary School

Notes for teachers

  • Key Stage 2 and 3
  • Explores Reading’s unique Abbey Ruins
  • Opportunities to handle real objects, including medieval pottery and tiles from Reading Abbey
  • Children can wear replica costume and take part in role play


  • To understand how Reading was formed, over time, through the influence of significant figures like Henry I, Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.
  • Learn how significant changes such as the dissolution of the monasteries affected the development of the local area.