How to be an active citizen: The future – It’s in your Hands

Venue: Reading Museum

Local policies matter because they are a tool to create systematic change for communities.

Many young people aren't aware of the difference they can make to their local community by campaigning for office. Young people can actually campaign from the age of 18! They can take on roles in local and national government where they are in the position to make decision that better lives. However, certain communities are, often, excluded from engaging or feel, there isn’t a place for them in the political realm. A solution is creating a pipeline early on for young, passionate people who care about creating change in their community.


Ayo Sokale will explain the role of a Councillor and MP and the realm of influence of these two roles and how you can get involved.
Participants will also get practical and undertake an activity where they will build their ‘own campaign’ where Ayo will support attendees in developing their own political campaign pertain to issues that matter to them and in their community. 


Young People from 14+


Reading Museum


Saturday 18th September



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