Roman Silchester: A Virtual Exhibition

In the parish of Silchester, ten miles to the south of Reading, lies the site of a large Iron Age and Roman town: Calleva Atrebatum.

Today, all that’s visible of the town are its defensive stone walls and ditches and an earthwork amphitheatre. However, digging a little deeper, archaeologists in the 19th and 20th century discovered extensive evidence of the town's ancient inhabitants and the lives they led millennia ago.

Reading Museum is the proud guardian of these treasured objects. In this virtual gallery we explore the stories of these ancient artefacts.

Many of the objects that feature in this online exhibition feature in the Museum’s Silchester Gallery, which tells the fascinating story of Calleva and the remarkable history of the excavations.

Learn more about the story of Calleva and our archaeology holdings by exploring our online collection records or browsing our blogs.