Projects with Schools

Current and future projects

For 2023 we have a few projects planned with schools. Our Create a Buzz project is part of the Wild Escape project and is part of our Museums Partnership Reading work. It is funded by Arts Fund and Arts Council England. We will be working with a local primary school to find out more about bees and other wildlife in the environment. The children will produce art work to be displayed in the Museum. 

This year we are also planning a project around the theme of Windrush.

If your school is interested in participating in any of our projects please do contact the learning team


Windrush Project 2023

On Monday 19th June the Learning Team delivered a free 1 hour virtual session on Windrush. The session was offered to all local primary schools and it was the conclusion of a wonderful project which saw the collaboration of the Museum, the Caribbean Community and Katesgrove School to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Windrush.

345 children and 20 teachers joined us online and had the chance to learn about Windrush, be inspired  the work of Katesgrove’s pupils  and also ask questions to members of the Caribbean community  who very generously agree to be our guests.

The project with Katesgrove school involved 90 year 5 children. We met them 4 times in April and May in a very productive series of sessions and workshops in school, in the Museum and even in town, exploring the Black History Mural (see image below)

A great thank you must go to the teachers at Katesgrove who put a lot of work and effort to make the project a success!

The highlights of the project:

  • The badges children designed to celebrate Windrush.
  • The letters they wrote for children their own age in the Caribbean.  (Thanks to the support and the help of Reading’s  Caribbean community we were able to send the letters to schools in the Caribbean and we are waiting for replies).
  • The presentations that all 90 children gave for us to share what they learned about Windrush (see a short video here)
  • The feedback the children gave us of their experience ( listen to them here)


Past Projects

Take over day 2022

This year we worked with Addington School and focussed on local history. We joined with colleagues from the University of Reading in exploring local history looking particularly at Reading Old Cemetery. The children worked with us to find out more about life in Victorian Reading, they explored the cemetery and the ecology of that area as well as finding out what sort of jobs people do in a modern museum.   Find out more about the Reading Old Cemetery here

Take Over Day 2021

This year Take Over Day is all about the local history of our beautiful high streets!

Create your own project in the classroom using our resources and following the example of Oxford Road Community School.

We have created an incredible resources-pack for you on the heritage and history of Oxford Road, with research, images, videos, interviews... You can explore the history of the buildings, learn about transport through the decades or discover the people who used to live here. Oxford Road Community School tested the resources last summer and among the resources you will find a video showing the marvellous work they did.

Follow this link to find all the resources and good luck with your projects!!



Takeover Day - a new project every year!

If you are interested in taking part in our Takeover Day project please contact the learning team.

Every year Reading Museum works with local schools on some fabulous projects! Some of these projects have been based on Music, Reading Abbey and even conservation (for the scientists among you!)

In future years we will plan exciting projects both in 'real' life and in the virtual world. Our projects are always wonderful opportunities for children to visit the museum and share their learning with others.

Example Time Line for a Summer Takeover:

Meet with Schools - January

Schools to visit Museums - February 

Museum visit to Schools - May 

Final Takeover Day - June 


Please contact the learning team to express interest in taking part in a school project with Reading Museum.



I have been inspired to develop the study and exploration of Reading and Reading Abbey with KS2 children

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