Whether you're looking for gifts, opportunities for learning and schools, or for image licensing enquiries, there are lots of opportunities for engaging with our Bayeux Tapestry.

The Reading Museum gift shop

The Reading Museum gift shop stocks many different kinds of Bayeux Tapestry merchandise, many of which is handmade by individual craftspeople and makers.

Take a look by browsing our online gift shop, or head directly to our Bayeux Tapestry range

Learning sessions

Reading Museum runs a range of highly popular online learning sessions for schools and classrooms to book and enjoy. This spring, we have added a brand-new session, using our remarkable replica of the Bayeux Tapestry to teach pupils about life in Norman England, as well as the events of 1066 itself.

Find out more about this fantastic resource at our Bayeux Tapestry virtual school session page.

Image enquiries and licensing

Interested in using images from our replica Tapestry? 

We offer licensing of high resolution images for many different purposes.

Find out more about image enquiries at Reading Museum, or fill out the webform below.

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