Victorian Christmas Virtual Session

Now available for bookings!

Discover how the Victorians introduced many of our Christmas traditions in this live virtual version of our popular Victorian Christmas Session.

Available from from late November until the end of term bring the magic of a Victorian Christmas to your classroom.

We will transport the children back in time through activities and videos and support teachers with a range of pre and post session resources. Bookings for this session are available now!

Resources for this session include:

1 - Downloadable resources to prepare for the session

  • Pre-session activity 1 – Christmas Carols
  • Pre-session Activity 2 – What is Christmas for you?

2 - Resources for activities during the session

  • Video 1 – Victorian Christmas decorations
  • Video 2 – Christmas Stockings
  • Video 3 -  Christmas Pudding
  • Video 4 - Christmas Carol
  • Worksheet 1 – Christmas Stockings
  • Worksheet 2 - Cup and ball (craft activity)

3 - Downloadable resources for follow-up activities in the classroom

  • Post-session activity 1 – Christmas Card (craft activity)
  • Post-session activity 2 – Christmas Stockings story-board
  • Post-session activity 3 – Parlour Game
  • Post-session activity  – Links to useful articles and videos




We really enjoyed the practical part of the workshop where we made a cup and ball. We could easily have gone on for longer ... with that variety of activities both on worksheets and practically.

- New Scotland Hill Primary School, 2021 A6841C61-ACD8-4C22-BA6A-1DA1EACB60AA

Notes for teachers

  • Key Stages 1 and 2
  • Delivered from late November to late December
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