Explore pre-historic Reading, find objects in our collection that tell the story of the changing climate and diet of early people.

Through a variety of activities including role-play in costume, designing jewellery, and constructing a round house, children will learn about extraordinary developments in technology that changed everyday life from hunting and gathering food to farming settlements where people prospered.


It was interesting to see how you used the exhibits and artefacts as you can transfer the skills to work in class.

- Bracknell Forest School A6841C61-ACD8-4C22-BA6A-1DA1EACB60AA

The activities were perfectly pitched for our children and they loved the talk. They were totally engaged. 

- Great Hollands school A6841C61-ACD8-4C22-BA6A-1DA1EACB60AA

Notes for teachers

  • Key Stage 2
  • Introduces prehistory
  • Uses Reading's archaeological collections
  • Opportunities for children to handle real objects
  • Fun and interactive


  • To learn about changes in Britain from Stone Age to Iron Age
  • To learn what it might have been like to live in Prehistoric Britain
  • Understand the effect changes in climate had on Prehistoric Britain
  • Understand the impact developments in technology had on the people of Britain
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