Oh Beautiful World! 3D model

Whilst Oh Beautiful World! was installed in Reading Museum in December 2020, the lockdowns and our closure means that it has been unavailable so far for visitors to see.

For the very first time, this half term we're sharing this magnificent sculpture with you in all its glory in the form of a new 3D model.

Reading Museum may be closed, but we're delighted to still be able to bring the Museum to you!

View Oh Beautiful World! on Sketchfab today.

Using SketchFab

Once you load up Oh Beautiful World! on Sketchfab, you can view it in more detail by using the controls below:

  • Move camera: one-finger drag or Left Mouse Button
  • Pan: two-finger drag or Right Mouse Button or SHIFT+ Left Mouse Button
  • Zoom on object: double-tap or double-click on object
  • Zoom out: double-tap or double-click on background
  • Zoom: pinch in/out or Mousewheel or CTRL + Left Mouse Button

Having trouble? Find out more information about using Sketchfab at the Sketchfab help centre.

Using the SketchFab mobile app

To truly bring Oh Beautiful World! to life, and see it as we think best, we recommend using the Sketchfab app on a mobile device, which will allow you to use your phone's camera to place the model within your own home and view it just as if you were in the gallery itself!

To do this, simply download the Sketchfab app, and then open the Oh Beautiful World! link within it. Once the model loads, click the AR (augmented reality) icon in the top-right corner of the viewer. Then, allow access to your mobile camera, and aim with your phone where you would like the model to appear. Chose a horizontal flat surface, until the Sketchfab-themed floor appears. Then, simply tap on your screen to place the model!

Once the model has appeared, you can zoom in and out by pinching, or tilt to rotate. And the best part of all is that it stays still: you can walk freely around the model which will be locked in space to really get a sense of all of its astonishing details.

Collage in a Time of COVID

Our invitation to you

With the 3D model available to download from Sketchfab, we would love for you to use it as a canvas with which to create a beautiful world of your own.

You can do this using freely available software like Paint 3D on Windows.

  • On desktop browser, head to the Oh Beautiful World! Sketchfab page and click 'Download 3D Model'.
  • Once you have downloaded the model, extract the ZIP files, which will contain two folders: 'Textures' and 'Source'. 'Source' will itself contain another zipped folder, 'Model'. Extract these files too.
  • Open up Paint 3D, and open the 3D object model (rather than the JPG file).
  • If opening on Paint 3D, you will be prompted to load textures. Do this by going to the 3D model files, and selecting the 'Textures' folder as the one that you want to use.
  • The model will then load for you, ready for you to decorate it as much as you like.

Find out more about Collage in a Time of COVID.