Victorian Childhood Virtual Session for KS2

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In this live virtual session we explore the life of children in Victorian times, from the hardship of child labour to the revolutionary effects of school reforms. Pupils will learn about some of the most dangerous jobs children did; will observe how objects can help us to understand the past; will virtually step in a Victorian classroom and meet the teacher.

Children will be inspired using a variety of different resources, such as maps, objects, videos and photographs to understand how they can bring the past to life.

Resources for this session include:

1 - Downloadable resources to prepare for the session

  • Pre-session activity 1 – Children’s jobs.
  • Pre-session Activity 2 – Chimney Sweep (craft activity)

2 - Resources for activities during the session

  • Video 1 – Fire lighting
  • Video 2 – Laundry Day
  • Video 3 -  Welcome to the Victorian Schoolroom
  • Worksheet 1 – laundry day
  • Video Activity – Arithmetic lesson

3 - Downloadable resources for follow-up activities in the classroom

  • Post-session activity 1 – Pen and Ink (craft activity)
  • Post-session activity 2 – 3D object investigation
  • Post-session activity 3 – Images for discussion

A very informative session, delivered well and very willing to stop and answer the children's questions. The mini-films were great.

- Dolphin School, 2020 A6841C61-ACD8-4C22-BA6A-1DA1EACB60AA

Notes for teachers

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