These resources are the result of an incredible collaboration with Kala the Arts, a leading dance organisation that specialises in the Odissi South Asian dance form, and The MERL as well as two schools within Reading, Geoffrey Field Junior School and Reading Girl's School. Working with Kala the Arts, we have developed a range of resources exploring Diwali traditions, the Rama and Sita Story of Diwali and Odissi Dance forms as well as Reading Museum's and The MERL's collections.

The aim of these resources is to support teachers in creating engaging and interactive lessons for KS2 and KS3 to respond to the requirements of the National Curriculum, such as cultural capital, Religious Education and Physical Education, and the principles dictated by the Ofsted Framework 2019.

Geoffrey Field Junior - 'We have really enjoyed the sessions and have used the resources to embed Odissi Dance into our ongoing PE curriculum.'