Sporting memories

Sport has been an enormous part of the heritage of the Windrush Generation and their descendants here in Reading.

On this page, listen to sporting memories from Reading's Caribbean community, shared with us as part of our Windrush Day 2020 commemorations and celebrations.


Clifford, Malcolm, Rudolph, and Alvin were members of two iconic Reading football clubs: Apollo FC and Unity FC. Both teams played a part in the legendary 1983 Mercury Cup final, a game that was observed by more than 500 spectators from Reading's community. Today, the match's legacy endures in the town's sporting folklore. Whilst Apollo emerged victorious in a 2-1 win, the game was played with a fantastic spirit and, after the game, both teams participated in the celebrations, having reaching the Cup final together for the very first time.

Clifford Alleyne - Apollo FC


Malcolm Hinds - Unity FC


Rudolph Jordan - Apollo FC


Alvin Innes - Unity FC


The Windrush Generation brought with them a great love of sport to Britain. Across the UK, their legacy has had an enormous influence on cricket. Many fine players who settled in Reading shone at both local leagues and county levels. This includes Dr Mark Megnaugh, Errol Masters, Dudley Browne, and Jay Jones. Below, they share their memories of their cricketing lives, and an account of what playing cricket means to them.

Dr Mark Megnaugh


Errol Masters


Dudley Browne


Jay Jones


Members of the Caribbean community in Reading have excelled at the sport of athletics. Amongst the local community, a number have risen through the ranks to achieve full international honours for Great Britain.

Eddie Cutting

As a young man, Eddie Cutting represented Hampshire County Cricket, before focusing his sporting energies into athletics. Eddie became an exceptional sprinter, with particular highlights including his personal best over the 60 and 100 metres. He recalls his memories of athletics in this video.


Simone Jacobs

Over a long and illustrious international career, specialising in team sprinting relay events, Simone Jacobs achieved medals at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and the World Championship. In this video, Simone remembers her progress from junior level through to being a full international.


Jeff Hinds

Jeff Hinds is a boxing referee of international standing who has presided over a record-breaking number of both professional and amateur bouts over many years. In this video, he shares his thoughts on the noble sport of boxing, and his admiration of the athletic prowess of the top-class fighters that he cares for whilst fulfilling the duties of refereeing.

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