Chapter 13: The Battle of Hastings

Scene 7: The battle is over

With Harold dead, the battle is over. The victorious Normans chase the remaining English from the battlefield. The final scene from the tapestry has been lost. It may have shown William being crowned King of England. This would match the scene at the very beginning of the tapestry, which shows King Edward secure on the throne just two years earlier.

In 2018 artist Jan Messant created this imagined final scene to complete the tapestry showing William I's coronation on 25th December 1066 (museum object no. 2020.87.1)

Keep exploring the story of the Bayeux Tapestry

Although the battle is over, the war won by William, there is still lots more that you can learn about the Bayeux Tapestry and its fantastic story on the Reading Museum website.

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