Reading Museum has hosted an array of exciting exhibitions based on topical themes, ranging from the stunning installation of Lillies for Oscar Wilde to a rare peek in our eclectic collection of art in our Patrons and Donors exhibition.

You can find out more about current and upcoming exhibitions.

Some of our exhibitions focus on a particular artist or group of artists, others take a broad theme as a base for a multidisciplinary show highlighting parts of our collections that would otherwise be rarely seen. We experiment with displays, hosting exhibitions in our John  Madjeski Gallery, the Turbine House in our unique Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock or in any of our permanent galleries. 

Find out more about our remarkable past exhibitions below:

Summer Season 2019


Saturday 13 - Sunday 21 April 'Dual Aspect' - Landscapes seen through the eyes of two distinctive artists by Michael Elstow & Lorna Webber

Thursday 14 June - Monday 24 June - The Arborealists and Guests: the Art of the Tree

Friday 28 June – Sunday 7 July -Paper: Work: Space: (Air) - Three artists working on paper, with paper and in paper present an original encounter with images, illustrations, books and bookish things. 

Monday 15 July – Friday 19 July - 4 Art Teachers - Interdisciplinary work by 4 Art teachers who live and work in the region.

Wednesday 24 July – Thursday 15 August 2019 - Qui, Ora – Images of Reading by Gabriele Gelsi​ - Qui, ora ("here, now") is an attempt to capture life, and how its constant motion can be translated into still images.

Wednesday 21 - Wednesday 28 August - We are Funghis​ - an installation by the Double Okay arts trio. A mixture of past film, print and performance work, alongside a work-in-progress residency, allowing us the space to reflect, share and make. 

Summer Season 2018:
Turbine House, Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock

Lorna Webber - Turbine House
Lorna Webber - Turbine House

Mon 23 – Mon 30 April:  Intermedial - Helen Cripps

Wed 9 – Sun 13 May: You just couldn’t remember and I just couldn’t forget – Laura de Moxom & Lisa-Marie Gibbs

Sat 26 May – Sat 8 June: Colour, Light and Transparency – Print in the Park

Wed 13 – Mon 18 June:  Hung drawn and quartered: Photographs of the Abbey restoration - Chris Forsey

Fri 22 June - Tues 3 July: WATER: rivers and seas - Percy Allum

Fri 6 - Sun 15 July: To the Power of 3 - Fong Scott, Heather McAteer, Sarah Read

Sat 28 July - Sun 5 Aug: Connections - Creative Exchange artists

Thur 9 - Sat 18 Aug: Plant and Plot - Kate Corder

Tues 20 -  Sun 2 Sept: Reading's First World War - Reading Museum

Wed 5 - Sun 16 Sept: Landscape, Energy, Structure, Art - Michael Garaway, Lynda South

Wed 19 - Sun 30 Sept: A Sense of Place - Therese Lawlor & Karen Spencer

Summer Season 2017:

Turbine House, Riverside Museum at Blake's Lock

In 2017 we collaborated with RG Spaces and Bel and the Dragon to produce a TURBOCHARGED programme of exhibitions and events at the Riverside Museum.