Green Space

This gallery traces the development of Reading's environment, landscape and wildlife, using hundreds of geology and natural history specimens.

Follow the story of our local environment from 400 million years ago to the present day. Find out:

  • What was here before people existed
  • How Reading's landscape and environment developed
  • How the landscape has been influenced by humans since the Stone Age
  • What animals and plants live around Reading today

Gallery Highlights include:

The complete Iron Age dog skeleton excavated at Blewburton hillfort on the Berkshire Downs

Our royal red deer stag, donated to the Museum by King George V from the herd at Windsor Great Park

Red kites, once rare but now frequently seen soaring over Reading


I love the large deer!

- Visitor, aged 5 A6841C61-ACD8-4C22-BA6A-1DA1EACB60AA