Silchester Annexe

The Annexe space focuses on the pottery discovered at the Roman town of Calleva near Silchester, complementing our main Silchester Gallery.

Around 200 pieces are displayed, highlighting their variety and beauty, and also the impressive scale of the Victorian excavations.

Photographs of the early Silchester excavations can also be seen in the Annexe, including images of the pots you can now see on display.

There is seating in the Annexe and a selection of books relating to our collections for adults and children, which you can look at while you're resting your feet!

Gallery highlight

One of our largest pieces is a decorated storage jar known as the Jubilee Pot because it was found on the day of Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Learn more about this piece, and several more of the pots on display, on our Roman pottery at Silchester blog.