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In this 30-minute live virtual session we will give children an introduction to the Windrush Generation and in particular what the Windrush Generation meant for Reading and its community.

With the help of short video interviews from members of Reading's Caribbean community, archival images and activities, the children will explore the reasons behind Windrush, understand the emotional and practical hardship of a generation and discover the amazing contributions of the Windrush generation to our local community.

The session is the perfect introduction to school projects on Windrush and to use with our Enigma of Arrival digital exhibition and downloadable learning resources.

Only £30 per session


An absolutely fantastic session, packed full of information while not being overwhelming, covering the before, during and after of the Windrush arrivals. 

New Christ Church School, 2020

Windrush Poetry Competition 2021 - winner

Windrush Waters

Anchors are heavy, but Empire Windrush is the heaviest.

Their hats will fly off - Empire Windrush will be remembered forever.

Many people are still disappointed to this day.

As the sails pushed them through the tough times,

As they struggled.

(Georgina - aged 9)

Notes for teachers

  • Key Stages 1 and 2