Our family-friendly galleries are accessible to all.

Access for all visitors is via our main entrance on Blagrave Street (through automatic opening doors). Please be aware there is a gentle slope down to the reception. The Museum entrance is then accessed via a short flight of stairs or by a ramp (with handrails). A lift on the ground floor takes you up to first and second floors.

Around the Galleries

  • The galleries are accessible for wheelchair users and those with mobility issues.
  • You will find the lift located on your right as you enter the ground floor of the Museum. The lift takes visitors up to the first and second floors. There is also the main staircase which has handrails on both sides.
  • You will find seating throughout the Museum. We also have portable wooden stools available; please ask Museum staff if you wish to use these.

Travel to Reading Museum & Town Hall

Let us help you

  • All groups (10 or more people), or visitors with special requirements should contact us in advance. This will allow us to discuss any difficulties you might encounter, and to offer you the best service possible.
  • If you need help please talk to the member of staff at the reception desk, located opposite the entrance. There are also staff in the Museum galleries who are very happy to help in any way. We welcome feedback which will help us to improve our services.


  • You will find a fully accessible toilet directly behind the reception. Please ask the member of staff on duty at reception for a radar key to access this. There are also a number of larger toilets located throughout the building, including on the second floor of the Museum (no radar key required).

Around the Town Hall

  • If you are attending a function, concert or viewing the Museum objects on display in the Town Hall you can access the first and second floors via the Town Hall lift. The majority of our function rooms are accessible for wheelchair users.
  • There is a staircase in the Town Hall which leads you from reception up to the first floor (with handrails). Please note that the Concert Hall balcony can only be accessed via a short flight of stairs (however there is alternative seating in the main Concert Hall).
  • An induction loop is provided in the Concert Hall. There is also an induction loop available in our Victoria Hall (please contact us in advance as a technician will be required). A portable induction loop is available for meetings and talks in other areas of the building (again, please contact us in advance). Please email us if you have any queries.

Additional access information

  • Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Assistance Dogs are welcome in the Museum & Town Hall.
  • Our Museum is relaxed and informal. Staff are very happy to help those with additional needs to discover more about our displays.
  • The galleries are general quieter after 2.30pm on weekdays.
  • Magnifying glasses and torches are available for loan, please ask a member of staff.
  • Large print information sheets are available in our temporary exhibitions. We can also run off further gallery information in large print where possible, please just ask.
  • Thermoform bats of the Bayeux Tapestry are available, please ask a member of staff. Key scenes of the Tapestry have been recreated as a raised image on each bat. The inner handrail around each section of the Tapestry has a raised circle to let visitors know when they reached one of the key scenes. Staff can help you carry these up to the first floor for use with the Tapestry.
  • Audio Guides of the Bayeux Tapestry can be used alone or alongside the thermoform bats. Key scenes of the Tapestry are explained. Please ask a member of staff
  • In the Box Room the majority of the objects can be handled. Please ask a member of staff if you would like to explore one of our Loans boxes. These contain items of the collection that go out to schools to be handled in the classroom. In our Green Space gallery you will also find a series of small carved wooden 'pictures' - designed to be touched. You will also find a tactile geographical map on display in this gallery.
  • If you would like to arrange an adapted education session for a group of adults or children with additional needs please email us